Classicar is a specialist vintage car parts provider based on the Central Coast, NSW.
They required a fresh brand logo creation with supporting assets such as business cards & apparel concepts.


The client had a very specific idea for their new logo design, with the style of car wheel being front and centre. They provided us with a number of examples to work from, and we soon had a good understanding of what they were looking for. We created a number of concepts that incorporated the car wheel in different ways, and after some back-and-forth, the client settled on final design concept.


The colour palette of the logo is inspired by classic muscle cars and vintage garages. The burnt orange and grey tones create a bold and striking look, while the black and white contrast add a touch of sophistication. The font is classic and timeless, making it perfect for a brand that oozes style and personality. This logo is guaranteed to turn heads and get people talking.


A well-designed logo and colour palette can help to create a cohesive look across all mediums, from print to digital. In this project, we applied the branding to business cards, apparel and email signatures to show a consistant brand style across all touch-points.


We were excited to work with Classicar on their logo design project, and are confident that the new logo will help them to achieve success and growth in the future. The new logo is classic, eye-catching, on trend, and right in the wheelhouse of the initial client design brief.

Classicar are stoked wtih the outcome & we are sure that Classicar's customers will appreciate the new logo, and we look forward to seeing the company continue to thrive in the years to come.


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This methodical process allows us to consistently deliver high-quality work that surpasses expectations and fuels our clients' success. And just like an engine's emissions, our impact is clean and sustainable, leaving a positive mark on the industry and community. At Four-Stroke Creative, success looks like seamless execution and lasting impact.
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