IFLG is the apparel offshoot for the cult golf satire facebook & instagram sensations IFLG.
IFLG is developing classic golf cuts, fusing technical fabrications, recycled fabrics and seamless sublimated printing to create a new classic on the golf course, tongue in cheek graphics on new world fabrics meets real course etiquette, buttons up!


We worked with IFLG to develop a technical mens golf polo that was made from recycled fabric whilst containing sun blocking, moisture wicking, and antimicrobial technologies, that was not only nice to wear on the course, met all the hoyty toyty club rules but it looked bloody cool too!


We used state of the art 3D fashion software CLO3D to create a 100% replica based from a real word pattern. We were able to simulate the exact garment for size and fit before the first sample ever reaches the factory floor. We used heat mapping fit techniques based on measurements from our inhouse fit model to accurately depict fitting issues and provide realtime fitting solutions to the garment issues before they happen. Precise fit and zero sample sewing is required in the production cycle of the garment making a more sustainable garment with less of a footprint on the planet, a small step IFLG take very seriously.


IFLG's design required custom textile prints, embellishments, buttons, labeling and colour matching to really nail the client brief. We worked with our dedicated apparel factory to produce rapid PP samples for fabric testing, fit & wear tests and overall quality checking. We supplied several fabric and garment sample options in different weights and constructions for client testing to make sure IFLG is completely happy with the qualities of the fabrication before bulk manufacturing.


The quality of the polo shirt production received was superb, with only minor tweaks needed for fitting and a redesign of application for embellishments the garment was a success. The fabrication is great for wear on the golf course, or for the active enthusiast, the lightweight nature of the fabric allowed breathability, wickability and stretchability for an increased range of motion, the SPF sun protection factors were evident and the moisture wicked straight away. IFLG are delighted with the garment and look ahead to production.

We are excited to be working with IFLG to create a range of technical active garments. IFLG is working towards building an apparel brand filled with cutting edge technical fabric innovation and production techniques, and we share their commitment to creating high-quality products that meet the needs of modern consumers. Together, we look forward to expanding the product range and continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible with new textile technologies. With our expertise in fabric production and our experience in garment design, we are confident that we can create a product that is truly world-class. We believe that this partnership has great potential and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for IFLG.


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