Rolling Playback

Rolling Playback an is an on location QTake & Video Split Services operator based out of Sydney, Australia.
Rolling Playback specialise in high end TV Commercials/films and provide our services, on location, in studio and remotely around Sydney and NSW . Rolling Playback provide the Director and Agency/Client with broadcast monitors, and wirelessly record/playback using industry standard Qtake.
Rolling playback came to Four-Stroke seeking a complete Brand, Identity, Logo, Digital Assets, Custom Website Design and Social Media Development,


We worked with Rolling Playback to build their brand from the ground up, including brand development, logo design, and web design. Drawing inspiration from VHS tapes from the 90's, Rolling Playback wanted a relaxed surf-side style of design that references the ocean, grass, and rolling waves. Four-stroke creative used neutral earthy tones of blue green and sand to reflect each element of the design. The strong geometric icon pays homage to the blocky graphic styles from the early video tape days. Wanting their own classic take on by gone-era combined with modern font juxtaposition and cruisy color palette, the branding here makes for a cool, calm , creative and professional approach that works just as-well across a corporate stage as it would an indie film production.


We first developed the brand color palette and style reference points based on 90's Video Tape vibes. The colors reference elements of nature and work harmoniously together leaving room for a strong brand logo mark to create a captivating and memorable brand. We went to work researching classic font styles, color references and graphic styles from the era to create a mood board showcasing the brands main design features. This branding concept was created with the client's input and business goals in mind. The result is an aesthetic that is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


After developing a logo, identity, and color palette that represented the brands concept and values, we then set about to apply them across all touch points of the business. We created a suite of graphic files that were fully responsive to different screen sizes, and applied them to business cards, email signatures, brand icons, and social media headers. Next we applied this branding to the website design to create a responsive and consistent brand look and feel across all platforms. The site contains custom graphic elements, icons and animations and client input forms that will act as a perfect landing page for future Rolling Playback clientele.


In today's competitive business landscape, it's more important than ever to have a strong and consistent brand. That's why Rolling Playback decided to invest in a complete custom brand experience, from logo design to website development. The results have been impressive: Rolling Playback has seen a dramatic increase in brand awareness and customer engagement. The key to Rolling Playback's success has been its focus on creating a seamless and cohesive branding experience. Every touchpoint, from the company's website to its social media presence, reflects the same commitment to quality and attention to detail. This consistent branding message has resonated with customers and helped Rolling Playback stand out from the crowd.

Going forward, Rolling Playback is well positioned for continued growth. With its strong and recognizable brand, the company is poised to attract even more customers and drive even more growth. Thanks to its investment in custom branding, Rolling Playback is primed for success.


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This methodical process allows us to consistently deliver high-quality work that surpasses expectations and fuels our clients' success. And just like an engine's emissions, our impact is clean and sustainable, leaving a positive mark on the industry and community. At Four-Stroke Creative, success looks like seamless execution and lasting impact.
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