Wallsend Wolves is one of the largest touch football clubs in New South Wales. Wallsend Touch offers premium social, semi-competitive, competitive, and representative touch football for people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, across Greater Newcastle and the Hunter Region.
Wallsend Wolves reached out for a logo rebranding for the club.


When rebranding a business, it's important to ensure that the new logo pays homage to the old one. This helps to maintain customer loyalty and recognition, while still updating the look to something more modern. In the case of Wallsend Wolves, we wanted to update the logo to a more sport driven modern look, but still keep some of the key details from the old logo. To do this, we kept the original colours, and updated the mascot to a more modern interpretation of a wolves head with soft gradients and striking black and white tonal shades. We added a crest style background and opted for a strong angular based action sports based font which paid homage to the original logo. By keeping some of the key elements from the old logo, we were able to successfully update the look of the brand without losing sight of its roots.


The rebranding process began with an analysis of the current logo and how it could be improved. The first step was to simplify the overall design, making it more modern and streamlined. The next step was to update the color palette, opting for a gradual gradient which offsets the striking black and white usage; this technique adds depth and makes the design more of a 3D vibe. The final step was to add a second version of the logo that could be used on darker backgrounds. Overall, the rebranding process has resulted in a cleaner, more professional look that better reflects the company's identity.


The result is a logo that is both modern and timeless, with a fresh look that will appeal to members of all ages. Thanks to the rebranding effort, the association is now better equipped to achieve its goals and build upon its successes.


In rebranding CCRLA, it was essential to consider all facets of the association being represented. This includes not only the skills and services offered, but also the history, mission, and values. With this in mind, the rebranding of CCRLRA involved a careful evaluation of all aspects of the organization. The result is a logo that is both recognizable and contemporary. It is a powerful symbol that accurately represents the Football Association and its core values.

The goal of the rebranding was to create a modern look that would be both professional and approachable. The result is a clean and bold logo that perfectly reflects the rich history of the Wallsend Wolves. In addition, the logo is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Overall, we believe the new logo is a strong reflection of the Wallsend Wolves rich history and will serve as an effective tool in its future growth and outreach efforts.


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